Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jack's 1st birthday party

I can't believe my baby boy is actually turning 1!! That doesn't seem possible. It doesn't seem like it was a year ago I was wearing the pavement down in our neighborhood walking laps trying to get that baby to come out! This surprise baby has been the sweetest and cutest little boy in the WHOLE world! Yes, I know every mom says that, but in this case it is true, trust me.

I made this fun last minute wreath with a Styrofoam wreath and a roll of burlap, then my girls and I pinned on the picture and scrapbook paper cutouts till we were happy with it. We used pictures from one of Jack's favorite books, Gossie and Gertie for the party. Seriously one of the cutest books, if you don't have it you should check it out.

The party favors included sand buckets with bubbles, balloons, frogs, whistles, balls, and chalk.
I saw this idea at another birthday party and had to copy. We framed this print out with all of Jack's favorite things. This will be fun to look at years from now, it is definitely being added to his memory book! We used Jack's one year old birthday pictures to help decorate since they went well with the theme. 

Thanks to my Dad for all the printing jobs I sent his way. It's past time for me to replace my printer. I designed these water bottle labels using Gossie and Gertie images.

I got busy hosting the party and forgot to come back to take more pictures when all the food was set out, but you kind of get the point here.

And the dessert table. Again, this was before it was finished. We added a pound cake on the bottom plate then had single serving ice cream added to the tray. The cake here was Jack's first cake to tare in to. It had a snail and cute little pinwheel added to it. My girls cut out so many little ducklings to add everywhere. They were too cute for me not to use. 

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Jack. The d├ęcor is really cute. The entire party looks so creative and beautiful. We hosted our son’s 4th birthday party in last month but as we are not creative with DIY parties so had hired the party package offered by LA venue. It was a wonderland themed party which all of the kiddos enjoyed to the fullest.