Follow us on: is a fabulous resource for travel and also one of our favorite magazines for travel ideas. We recently enjoyed partnering with them to do a family review of the island of Cozumel, Mexico! Be sure to check out our review here.​ 

Cozumel Tours was a great website we used for booking all of our recent excursions during our trip to Cozumel. If you are planning on visiting the Cozumel/Cancun area, be sure to check out their site here for great info and deals.

Presidente Intercontinental is the fabulous resort our family stayed at while visiting Cozumel. The resort offers a chance to enjoy gorgeous beaches, snorkeling, tide pools and much more and is truly the best family-friendly resort on the island. Check out more pictures from our time at the resort here or visit their site here for more info.

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