Hi We're the Wakefields!
We are a family of 5 that enjoys travel and adventure (especially islands and beaches). We enjoy it so much we want to share our experiences with others. Here's a little about us:

Meet Micah: Micah, a.k.a., Dad, works very hard to provide for our family but also doesn't like sitting still for too long. Micah spent most of his childhood years growing up in Southern California where he grew to love the ocean and any outdoor adventures. Micah follows almost every sport but favors basketball (which he still plays weekly) and football. Besides this he enjoys music and frequently plays the keyboard or guitar for church. Music is a huge part of who we are and it is rare that there is not music playing in our home.

Meet Holly: As the mom of this crazy, energetic bunch, I stay quite busy! Between homeschooling our two girls and caring for a toddler there is never a dull moment around here. I love teaching my kids, taking lots of pictures of everything I see and keeping our home organized. Having grown up in Florida and spending a few years in mission work in Haiti, I share Micah's love for the coast, and any travel and adventure. I love exploring trips with the kids, throwing a party, hiking and biking. I do occasional photography, web design and graphic design, but keep it minimal since I already have a full-time job caring for and schooling my kids.
Meet Heidi: Heidi is our oldest and an energetic bundle of joy. She shares her Dad's love of music and has a beautiful voice that is frequently heard singing. She is labeled the DJ of the house. She takes ballet and jazz and is a natural at both. Heidi is also a wonderful artist, she has helped draw and design our Christmas cards the last few years and did a wonderful job. She also loves biking, riding her scooter, and loves reading and drawing in her designing books.

Meet Hallie: Hallie was the baby in the house for 6 years and thoroughly enjoyed that role. She is a very creative, energetic and free spirited sweetheart that can charm her way into anything. We call her our tinker bell since she loves finding lost little things and collecting them as her treasures or creating something new with it. Her nightstand is full of treasure boxes which are all full. Her favorite place to be is anywhere that includes water. She spends a lot of summer days wearing her swimsuit whether we are planning to swim or not. Her suitcase is almost always packed full of swimsuits and ready to go anywhere. She takes jazz and is on the fence about whether or not she likes it. Hallie is a very gifted artist and spends a lot of time drawing all sorts of random pictures. She lives each day to the fullest.

Meet Jackman: Jack was our surprise baby who was born in 2012. He has been a complete joy to us and we are all so proud of him. We already can't imagine how we survived so long without having him as a part of our family! Jack enjoys sleeping in each morning before waking up to flash card time, story books and then being smothered with kisses and snuggles from two adoring big sisters. He spends most of his time during the day trying to catch someone leaving the bathroom door open so he can dart in to open drawers and cabinets. He loves bike rides, swings, riding in his backpack on family hikes, helping Dad play the piano, and most of all bath time.

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