Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day Trip- The Cave Without a Name

Perfect weather this weekend to go and explore a cave! Welcome to the Cave Without a Name. Yes, that is the name of this cave.
In the early 1900's the property owner held a competition with a $500 prize to decide on a name for the cave. The winner was an 11 year old boy who claimed the cave was too beautiful to name. The cave has since been known as Cave Without a Name.
 The cave is a perfect 66 degrees all year round.
 The rooms are filled with beautiful stalactites.
 Our tour guide Peggy made the excursion fun for the kids by pointing out the many formation similarities like this ice cream cone above, a polly pocket sized cave, an alien, bacon, a nativity scene, jelly fish etc. 

 The girls thought the one hour tour was very interesting.

By the end of the tour Jack was happy to be back above ground! 

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